Remote Learning – Team Ruru

Remote Learning for Team Ruru

Kia ora and welcome to remote learning with Team Ruru ☺

We are endeavouring to keep most of our learning delivery online. This does not mean that all of the work needs to be done online, it may be created in some other form or it may need to be depending on the tasks. You can take photos of work and upload it as proof if completed off-line or scan it up to your account.


All communication will be sent out via email to your child’s school email address and through Google Classroom. The children just need to sign into their gmail address and click on the email.

We have packs for those children who are not able to access devices and/or the internet. These will be available in a box outside the office door tomorrow. Please come and take one! A lot of the work that we do at school is collaborative as in working with other students and/or the teacher. We have tried to take the pressure off the students so that they can work independently on this work. All the teachers are able to be contacted via email and can also assist children when they are online by giving feedback as time allows with a whole class online.              Team Leader  phone 0272722227    Room 1    Room 1       Room 2    Room 13       Room 13


Great  online sites to use  – your child has their own log in new prompt for writing each day  – a site packed full of brilliant videos in a range of different topics (science, space, animals, food music, art and more)  – create and edit their own vlog using a phone, laptop or tablet share it back to their teacher

Ideas for things other than book/device work to do

Please remember there are many things that can be done at home that are hands on learning and all it takes is some discussion as you do it and great learning can happen. Some ideas are listed below.

How to tie your shoes ( you’d be surprised 😉 )
2. How to follow a recipe
3. How to make a meal plan & grocery list on a budget
4. How to write a resume
5. How to look after the house ( mow the lawn, do the recycling, budget & pay bills)
6. How to be a good citizen ( mow your neighbours lawn, take them a meal)
7. How to read ( ask them questions about what they’re reading, read together, make predictions, discuss why characters behave the way they do)
8. How to write ( keep a journal, keep a gratitude list, write instructions for something, write an alternate ending to favourite story or movie, write a story, keep a book of facts)
9. How to advocate for positive change in the world (write a letter, sign a petition, join an online group)
10. How to maintain a vehicle ( how to check the oil, how to change a tyre)
11. Build physical literacy ( do yoga, play catch, play frisbee, kick a soccer ball, shoot hoops)
12. Build Fine motor skills ( draw, colour, knit, crochet, cross- stitch, sew, weave)
13. Go outside! Walk, hike, paddle, bike, most outdoor activities keep you at least 10m away from other people.
14. How to exist without the internet ( unplug it from 8-4 everyday )
15. Spend time with your kids! Talk to them – ask them about their hopes & dreams & fears.
16. Have them research things they’re interested in ( a place they’d like to visit, a career they might like, a hobby they’d like to learn)
17. Have them do a STEM challenge ( build a tower, boat, bridge) out of random materials around the house

From all of us in Team Ruru please stay safe, look after each other and we look forward to seeing you all, when you are back with us.

Di Meyler

Deputy Principal

on behalf of Team Ruru


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