Ice Cream Supreme

This term at Stanley ave, the Ruru syndicate will be forming teams and creating a business plan for delivering a brand new flavour of Ice Cream. Over the next few weeks, the students will be trying different ice cream flavours and brands and analysing what makes them (or doesn’t) a good ice cream. All this so that they can design their own new flavour and present it at our very own Ice Cream Market day (Date to still be confirmed). The students have begun using the app “Banqer,” to build understanding around profit, cost and general financial literacy. In reading they are beginning to identify what makes a product marketable and how marketers use language to generate demand for their product. They are also looking at how to make a business plan and use it to succeed in this overall project. Here are a few photo’s about the students progress so far.


(Picture of students assembling beneath tables during the 2019 Shakeout Drill)

(Banqer stats so far this term)

WALT: Budget and Borrow

This week in Room 1 students are learning how to budget their projects, and have begun learning how to borrow money to fund their projects. The focus has been around renovating a room in their ideal future homes. This has included some understanding around different types of loans, what an interest rate is and how it can impact on their repayments.

Here are some pictures and videos:

Week 3: Learning about probability.

This week in Room 1, the students have begun to further unpack chance situations and looked at the likelihood of something occurring. This has tied into the games they have been exploring and will aid them in designing their own game mechanics.

Also this week we had the love Jacque Malone who helped Room 1 with learning reflections and in the concept art part of this “Gaming Unplugged” project.

Room 1: The Gaming Unplugged Project

It is now week 2 of the term and Room 1 is well on their way with the learning in this unit (apologies for not updating earlier). At the beginning of the term, a huge variety of games arrived at Stanley Ave and we, the Ruru Syndicate, decided to go a new learning journey with them. So far they have read through a plethora of board game and backyard game manuals to learn how to play the new games. They have had to decipher new language to understand what the writer of them has meant. They have written reviews about the games they’ve played, and brainstormed what makes them fun. They have also begun to unpack the probability elements of each game and use it to play the game more competitively. Most of all, they have had a lot of fun. All of this has been done in preparation for our students to design, make and market their own game. Throughout the term, Room 1 is endeavouring to record their learning journey in their folders. This folder is having a home visit this Friday. Please make sure to go through it with them as they have put a lot of work into them. Speaking of work, the process has been messy. Room 2 and 13 have posted pictures of playing games and having fun. Room 1 is going to post how how proud and messy the learning has been.

(Those chairs are totally on their side because of learning)

Visitors from Japan

Last week in Room 1, we had visitors from Iida, Nagano in Japan. The students of Room 1 welcomed them with Waiata, introducing themselves in Japanese and in teaching them the Maori way to introduce themselves

Following this, our Japanese visitors sought to teach Room 1 some Origami and some Japanese games.

Then we finished it all off with introducing our visitors to a classic kiwi meal: Chip buddies. Hot chips, butter, bread and sauce went down well with all parties involved. Big thanks to Kelvin Forsman for organising this. Also, huge thanks to Room 1 for displaying those Stanley Ave Learner Values.