Zero Waste

In Room 1 this week we had Kathy here to talk about Resource Sustainability. She talked to them about the great corporate model for extraction of resources through production, distribution and consumption of resources, and to the disposal of resources. This highlighted to our students how much their choice of goods and services can impact on others and the environment. (Kathy talking about stuff. )

(Students learning stuff)

(Harden asking questions about stuff)

The mysterious case of the missing bodies

Today in Room 1, the leftovers (the Ruru sindicate students who didn’t go to Hockey Fun Day) explored the use of inferencing skills and how they can help us to build understanding. The students were presented with a case and clues and use their critical thinking skills to present their findings.

Life hacks problem

Kia Ora Whanau

Room 1 has been working hard this week on their “life hacks” problem. This has resulted in enjoyment, some frustration and some creativity. Overall, some really great learning this week in room 1. Feel free to ask the students of Room 1 about the learning they are doing in this project. They will be ready to present it next week when they bring their budgeting plans home with them. Also their online homework is up and running. They are hugely excited about this (not really).

(Riley and William smashing their taxes out. Briony with the photo bomb)

(The project wall so far)

Day 2 of Leadership Camp 2019!

Day 2 of Leadership Camp saw the Ruru Syndicate on the Wairoa River at Waimarino Adventure Park in Tauranga. The weather was perfect and the River was very ‘refreshing’. This park was full of exciting activities such as kayaking, the UFO (floating trampoline), the BLOB (the thing that looks like a huge pillow!), hydro-slide, Tarzan swing, hot pool, and diving boards. We had a choice day on the water, having a go at all this park has to offer, supporting others to try new things, and working together as a team. Ka Pai Ruru for a great end to the Leadership Camp and an awesome start to 2019!

Day 2 for Blog

Day 1 of Leadership Camp 2019!

Wow! Day 1 of Leadership camp saw the Ruru Syndicate attempt the big maunga of Te Aroha. Looking up at the mountain, many of us were filled with adrenaline, others filled with nerves. This was a great challenge to start our outstanding camp. Even though some of our students and teachers didn’t quite make it all the way up to the top, we pushed ourselves way past our comfort zones and helped each other in this challenge. Congratulations to all the Ruru Syndicate! Check out some of the amazing views that we saw on our walk.


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